Monday, April 30, 2007

The North Shore Crowd
So I see these boys riding their bikes with their surf boards sometimes on the Kam. Hwy to the beach and so I wanted to see them surf one day and they are too adorable! Not only are they awesome surfer's they are seriously like 10 years old! They remind me of what Jack would be like if he lived here.
This is my friend Pualei at a BBQ on Saturday
Everyone enjoying the shish-ka-bobs at this girls Julie's B-day BBQ. She watches Jack Johnson's two boys. Jack Johnson's sister's house is the white one behind the tent. He was at her house in the back yard when we first got there and right when the tent blew over from the wind and knocked me over with it! But I took one for the team and saved the food from being knocked over from the tent and moved it away from the table.
This is Pualei's little girl Eden sliding down our slip and slide
We blew up a few rafts to swim with in the water. There is this current that we call the lazy river right in front of where our BBQ was set up and it takes you down the beach aways at a nice speed on the rafts. Pretty fun!

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